Who is Allena?

Have you ever found yourself asking about the little things in life and the science behind them? Me too! I’m Allena, a scientist with a passion for questioning the things around me. I even question statues!


What is Chicistry?

Chicistry is my little space where I can question things. Investigate the science of chic, if you will. I ask questions that I care about, like is champagne actually good for you? and what makes us love? The questions I ask tend to be more geared toward women, although I don’t discriminate between genders!



In short, we need more women in science because it is so interesting and it can explain much of what happens in the world around us! I created this space to do two things. One, encourage girls to become interested in science and see that it is a career that they can pursue and two, to give you awesome information about the science of the world around us.


But there’s so much information out there. What makes yours different?

Glad you asked. I won’t name names, but I’ve become acutely aware of the amount of non-scientists passing out incorrect information about things such as health, nutrition, and environmental studies. Honestly, this scares the crap out of me! Without proper information, it’s hard to make decisions about your health and wellbeing and those are kinda important things. Unfortunately, most of the information that is given out with wrong science uses rhetoric that makes people think that the author has done his or her research, which means you believe it. You then start applying it to your health and maybe they’re right and everything turns out great! But maybe they’re wrong… I want to show people, through research and good science, how the world works and what’s real when it comes to taking care of ourselves and the world. Oh and there will be a few things on stuff not related to health or the environment. I think you’ll love those Q&As, too!


Okay, but why women?

Over the past few years, I noticed the amount of women around me in my day-to-day life dwindling. I became aware of the “leaky pipeline” that is talked about so often in the STEM fields and I decided to do something about it. I started to wonder why and realized a lot of it has to do with a lack of access to good quality female role models in the sciences. Many times, the only female scientists that young girls are exposed to are those on TV, who never seem to embody a “normal” woman, but there are so many different kinds of people in science! Sure, the Amy Farrah Fowlers of the world do exist is science, but there are also the Charlie’s Angels and the Olivia Bensons of the lab, doing awesome experiments and publishing really important stuff!


Allena and Miss DaizeBut wait, don’t you have an adorable dog?

Why yes, yes I do! Before I go, I should introduce you to her! This is Daisy, or The Daize, or Miss Daize, or even #MissDaize. I swear she’ll be an instagram star one day. She’s pretty stubborn sometimes, so I’m pretty sure she asks questions like, “why did you take me away from my friends?” on a regular basis, but the only question I’m sure she asks is “where’s the food?”


I hope you’ll stick around and learn a bit more about the life of a scientist!