Science Sunday /// First Edition

Hey loves! I know I’ve been gone for a bit. Work has been crazy getting ready for an exam and doing science, but I promise I’ll be back next week with our question of the week.

I decided to start adding in a little extra for your reading pleasure. From now on, I’ll be posting some articles that I’ve read lately that have caught my (scientific) interest. Get ready for some fun science!

Science Sunday

A curated post of interesting science from around the interwebz

Being super pale, I’ve always gotten some serious burns during the hot Arizona (and now Massachusetts) summers. This article reminds me why I should wear my sunscreen, but also talks about the benefits of sun exposure.

Netflix teamed up with Amazon and started using their technology to ensure that you don’t have to deal with crazy buffer times ever again. So glad my binge watching of House of Cards will no longer be interupted! You can bet that’s what I’ll be doing next week.

Contrary to popular believe, science has found that arguing actually isn’t so bad for relationships…. Here are a few tips to make arguments more productive from one of my favorite fierce business women. I do not hold her dad’s rants against her.

If you’re feeling down or depressed, there may be hope in virtual reality. And speaking of the importance of social interaction, a Harvard is apparently willing to play the long game when it comes to their research. After four rounds of principle investigators, they’re reporting on their 75 year study. Good news: social interaction is a huge part of your overall health as you age. FYI, it’s about quality not quantity, so call your bestie and have a good, long conversation with her!

Have you found any interesting articles this week?

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Allena is a long time blogger with a passion for helping people. After a lot of thought, she realized that her best skill was her science knowledge. She started spreading her love of science through Chicistry in 2016.

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